Tuesday, August 21, 2012

End of the Summer

This is my house as it has been for the nine years we've owned it. I'm sure it's gotten worse in that time, I mean, it's 54 years old. But we set out this summer to replace rotting boards, paint it, and replace any little hardware that needed it. (Siding cost the price of a nice used car...no way.)

The project took awhile because there was so much scraping of paint! Plus my husband is working and in school full time, the kids' activities and my own summer stuff, my parents helping when their schedule allowed, and the stinking weather when it wanted to cooperate...it all came to a stressful conclusion these last couple weeks. I really didn't think I'd survive it without hurting someone. But we did every bit of the labor ourselves and I'd say it worked out in the end. (Not to mention it cost us $600 compared to $8,000.)

The end of the summer not only brought the end of this huge project, but also the start of the new school year. Today was teachers' first day back and I'm feeling pretty good. The test scores for my 11th graders and my AP students came back quite positive, especially since last year was my first year with that grade level and AP!! But today, this year, is the first in time eight years I feel a sense of calm about school starting. I love my school, the community, the job in general. I'm launching a book club (Reading Warriors) as a replacement of my writing club (The Writers' Guild) to draw students who like to read AND write. I think this year I have much more to bring to the club than in the past. I'm looking forward to getting on a schedule too...this year being on a schedule means a set writing schedule. I can hardly wait.


  1. OMG J what a difference, EXTREME HOME MAKEOVER, yowza. You guys did an awesome job.
    Good luck teaching America's future, I have more hope in them than most. If the kids you teach are anything like my two daughters...we have nothing to worry about.
    If you teach as well as you paint, hell girl, those kids, straight A all the way.

    1. Thanks! I know, I could just sit and stare at the before and after pics forever!

      I think I am gaining more confidence in them the longer I teach. I've just hit the point where my very first students are now out in the world and showing what they have to offer. It's nice to see kids you weren't sure about getting somewhere. One even came around last year with a book he self published, at age 19! I was impressed at the effort, even though I never got ahold of a copy to read.

      And like I said in another post, painting sure taught me some applicable life lessons!

  2. What a gorgeous color. You'll feel happy every time you walk up the drive with that little beauty to greet you.

    1. Yes I will! My husband has already told me I don't have to stare at it every time we pull in and out of the drive! (Like he doesn't.)