Monday, August 6, 2012

Inspiring Reads

My pile of memoirs (which went beyond the original order of 16 to 23, as I found another popular author or two on my swap site) have been coming in the mail daily and are collecting on my dresser top. Mary Karr has three memoirs! Still waiting for the first, but I can't even imagine what would go on in a life to fill three memoirs!!

At the rate I'm getting time to read, I won't finish the stacks within this depressing.

But, I'm hoping in those stacks there is a gem or two waiting to inspire me and give me an idea...for narration, for couth, for something for which I don't even know I am searching! I'm relying on the timing (since I don't believe in coincidence).

Which books have inspired you and why?


  1. Memory of Running by Ron McLarty. He's the burnt out hippy radio operator in the Postman with Kevin Costner.
    He's a fat guy who jumps on an old bike after the death of his parents. It is his dream to travel from the east coast and walk into the Pacific. Each chapter, one looking back on his life, one looking forward to his jouney.The way it is written inspired me to write my first chapter reflecting and the next discovering.

  2. I love memoirs! And I Iove hearing new authors to read. Heading to my book swapping site to look it up now.

    I posted this post to FB as well and the responses I got there were also nonfiction stories. One good reason to write about your life is to inspire others apparently!

  3. Actually Memory of Running is fiction.(My post is misleading, sorry.)
    Ron McLarty is one of those never know his name but you'd remember his face. After he wrote the book no one would publish it so he did an audio-book. Stephen King wrote an artical about the book, in Publishers Weekly I think, something about the best book to read which you can't buy.
    After King's piece, McLarty got an agent, Jeff Kleinman, Folio Lit. I read he got 2M for the book and recently I saw something on line that it is being made into a movie. Not sure about that though.
    My book is also fiction, structured very much like his. All I need now is a friend like Stephen King.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog BTW.

  4. Lol, no I assumed it was a memoir...I'm kind of on a kick right now! I put the book on my wish list on the swap site, but didn't look into it further. I like coming across books with different writing styles/uses because it exposes me to possibilities. I recently read "The Weird Sisters," which uses first person plural narrative. Can't say I liked it or thought it worked well in that particular story, but it was cool to see it used.

    I enjoy your blog! As well as others I've met through your blog and Betsy's. You all present things to really think about and a place to discuss them, commiserate, and rejoice.