Friday, August 3, 2012

It's all about painting

We have been painting our house for a month now. Correction, scraping  old paint from our horribly peeling house for three weeks. The painting itself only a few days. The process has been amazingly frustrating and rewarding at the same time.

Is it possible to learn life lessons even while doing something like painting your house?

Lesson One: One thing I've learned from house painting is that you have to keep doing it to make it look good. My first use of the roller lasted a minute before I put it down...but within a couple days, I'm a rolling fool - did two coats of all my doors and accent pieces in one day.

Lesson Two: Air bubbles are bad, but necessary. Filling up space with a whole lot of nothing. Taking up space that belongs to something else - like THE PAINT!!! Good Lord, those bubbles that appear out of nowhere, days after the wall was painted, are annoying. But they come up to show a weakness in the paint. When attended to properly, they cannot cause further damage to the wall and the rest of the paint.

Lesson Three: The cost sucks. Yes, any home improvement costs money, time, phsycial exertion. Sometimes you waste some of that cost and then are so ticked you want to say screw it or take shortcuts to save money, time, etc. elsewhere. Don't do it. If what you are doing is worth it, you might as well realize the cost from the beginning...and that it will be worth it. We bought a screendoor for the side entrance weeks ago, only to realize now that we want a different kind of screen door on the front. We could have used the front door on the side! WASTED MONEY!!! At first I said forget it...too bad, this door may take away from the whole point of painting in the first place, but too bad. I'm not putting any more cost into this! But then what's the point? I end up with a half-assed project that doesn't show how truly inspired my vision was to begin with. All because of one mess up that I'm going to be too stubborn or frustrated to fix?

As you can see, I've had lots of time to think about writing the past couple days while painting.

What in your life has taught you about writing?

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