Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Time Flies is Truth, Not Just Cliche

My oldest turned 13 today. As a big surprise her dad decided to get her a cell phone...his last minute thought, not pre-planned or discussed at all! His face convinced me more than knowing how hers would light up. He looked excited.

So she has a phone (no Internet, but she's just excited she doesn't need wi-fi to text off an app). Next year she will be in high school - the age of the students I taught for six years. The couple years after that, driving and going to Prom. Then graduating. College...can't think about that right now.

And in the meantime her sister, who is 22 months younger, will be coming up right behind her repeating all these milestones, so that we'll be doing double time on the milestone front!

Time flies. I remember wishing she'd start crawling.

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