Tuesday, December 11, 2012

On the Up-and-Up

It has been awhile since my last post, as my writer friend M pointed out to me in an attempted inspirational text yesterday. What a pain he is, holding me accountable to my writing and all that crap! I purposely hadn't been thinking of it because I've felt at a loss for topics. Mainly because life is good right now. Usually when there's something stirring I get the urge to put it into words. Anyone who knows me well enough, knows my mind processes through the written word. So, a serious or informational conversation with someone sinks in better when I write it (and my thoughts) out. (Of course that leads to more questions and musings, which leads to more conversations and I've even had friends hold that against me...it's annoying I guess?)

But anyway, life is good...for now. There are always seasons of life and I don't expect one to last any longer than another. After three years of schooling and either not working or working part time, my husband has found his niche in the computer world and we are both excited about the job opportunities opening up for him.

My job is going just as well, of course I love my job too, so that helps. I currently have a student teacher who is doing a splendid job and between the two of us, we've recently seen some successes with a couple lower achieving students. Nothing better than seeing hard work pay off, especially when it works to the good of another. Having a student teacher has made me reevaluate my job and what I should be doing to revamp my strategies and style. I find myself giving advice and ideas that I've let go and she comes up with impressive plans, so I feel more motivated through all of it.

My kids are doing well, as I said in my last post. We've been implementing more family based activities to keep us close knit as these teen years approach. The kids seem enthusiastic about it and have come up with ideas beyond what my husband and I were thinking.

I signed up to volunteer at a new place and I'm excited about it, as it was something I'd long considered (more on that at a later date). My Christmas shopping will be done as of this week. I know, it's pretty close to Christmas, but I got it all done in a couple days here and there, which means it hasn't been time consuming and that's important to me. 

We painted our kitchen and dining room a nice country green in a matter of a few hours Sunday and we're buying the paint next week to do the living room in an almond mocha brown the day after Christmas! Nine years of cream colored walls (not to mention being broke) makes this a very exciting event. Also exciting is the fact that our house is one big example of DIY. With some pointers and help from my dad, Brandon and I have been able to do every area of "fix up" on our house together. It's been a fun nine years of home improvements. Our next projects are an extended front porch and a bathroom in the basement. I am very blessed with a husband who is willing to step out and try new things...like carpentry ;)

So, this has become a post of random good things that I'm not even going to edit before posting, but what else can I say? It's the best of times, the age of wisdom, the epoch of belief, the season of Light, the spring of hope, we have everything before us, and Heaven is smiling down upon us. Hmmm, no, someone's already said that.

Hope things are looking up for you and yours this Christmas season.


  1. Busy, busy, busy. But your kind of busy sounds fun.

  2. Everyone's painting! Oh I am green as your kitchen walls. We're renting---have been for years---and I am so tired of the white walls. Someday we'll buy a house and paint the bedroom aqua blue.

  3. I know! All week as I've walked into the kitchen and dining room, I'm thinking, "Why did I live with white walls for so long?" Now, of course the kitchen was easy enough to move stuff off countertops and paint. Living room will be a bit more challenging and I think I'll give up altogether when it comes to our bedroom. I will run out of steam by then...maybe.

  4. I want to thank you for dropping in now and then on my blog. And especially for your last comment. I have shut down my blog.

    My comments regarding the possibility of Betsy closing down her blog went way off track, mind fart I guess. The reaction of the others left me very embarrassed and rightly so. I have apologized to Betsy for my stupidness,(is that a word?)and she was very kind.

    One last thing.
    I live in Connecticut and my daughter lost one of her best friends in the shooting, first grade teacher Vicky Soto. What happened at Sandy Hook has rocked our world. I know you are a teacher, as is my daughter and my other daughter is studying to be a teacher. From what you have written about your students I know that you love your job. It takes a special person to teach well and love it. I don't think we parents thank teachers enough. So...thanks, you're one of the good ones.
    Have a wonderful holiday season.

    1. And if you ever pick up a blog again, stop by and let me know. Merry Christmas.

  5. Thanks Wry. My heart goes out to all involved or affected in any way. I cried on my way home from school yesterday...I can't even fathom it. Your daughter's friend did a most honorable thing and I hope her family and friends are proud of who she was and what she did.

    As for the rest, mistakes happen. I hope to hear from you once in awhile if you will still be out and about the blogosphere. Best of luck and thanks for all of your advice and perspective in the past couple months.