Friday, April 12, 2013

The Perfect Reader

Saw an interesting post on! Read here for the original post, "The 42 Traits of the Perfect Reader." It is a list of things that make up or describe the perfect reader. It was written by Book Riot editor Jeff O'Neal today, April 12, 2013. Of course, I want the input of my trusted fellow readers! Listed below are the ones I fit and the one that makes me mad! So, hit the link, read them all, and tell me what doesn't belong on this list and/or what is missing?

4. The perfect reader prefers print.
5. The perfect reader likes plot but doesn’t need it.
6. The perfect reader reads every line.
8. The perfect reader did the book club reading.
10. The perfect reader is thrilled that kids are reading YA and hopes it leads them to pick up some serious literature eventually.
11. The perfect reader saw the movie and thought it had some strong points, but preferred the book.
14. The perfect reader appreciates an ambiguous ending.
17. The perfect reader doesn’t let their personal beliefs and experience interfere with their reading of a book.
19. The perfect reader can keep the Brontes straight.
20. The perfect reader doesn’t crease the spine.
21. The perfect reader reads every book they are given as gifts.
22. The perfect reader got the allusion.
24. The perfect reader doesn’t care what other people think of their reading.
26. The perfect reader cares what the author meant.
28. The perfect reader appreciates an hour-long author reading.
29. The perfect reader always looks up the word.
30. The perfect reader knows which one was proud and which one was prejudiced.
32. The perfect reader is happy to discuss the book they are reading with the person in the seat beside them.
33. The perfect reader always makes it to the end.
34. The perfect reader gets over the misogyny, homophobia, and sexism of the classics, because hey those were the times.
35. The perfect reader is beginning to think about maybe trying a graphic novel.
36. The perfect reader would never ban a book.
37. The perfect reader never reads the last chapter first just to know what happens.
38. The perfect reader actually sort of prefers the extended whaling descriptions in Moby-Dick, to be honest.

40. The perfect reader never gets a new book until they have finished all of the ones they already have.


  1. I'll start! 26 of these apply to me, almost 2/3. Surprisingly, I agree with #38! After reading every line of Les Mis's French history, I can say I agree. The one I know I don't agree with is #40. What is wrong with whoever wrote that?!?!

  2. Number 20 is off the mark! All my favorite books are beat up. I consider it evidence of love, and the fact that I carry them around with me everywhere.

    1. I'm thinking these are more personal preference type things! Friends posting on my FB link rejected that a list should exist! But it is fun to see how I fit it at all!

  3. This definitely makes me an imperfect reader, but I'll take it!

    1. Yea, makes me imperfect too, but they're fun to read!