Monday, July 8, 2013

Find Me on Social Media


So, I finally did it...added a FB Page for my blog. Of course, the process caused all kinds of madness with my technological devices, but thankfully I've got it sorted out...for now.

Next step to figure out is how to add a "Follow" button for FB and Twitter on my blog...although I'm not sure I can get this with blogger. Unless FB offers the code for me to insert on my dashboard? If anyone knows how I can do this (or is sure I can't) on blogger, please let me know!

So, as of now, you can find me on:

Twitter @MyLifeinBooks79

FB My Life in Books (if you search, the profile pic is the same as the one here on my blog).

Goodreads Jennine G. (My Life in Books)

And of course, here on my blog, where you can sign up as a follower and/or get posts in your email (see right margin for both).

Can't wait to see you around! Bring on the bookish business!


  1. You can get a FB button on Blogger. (I did) But I seriously can't remember how. Not very helpful am I? I think if you are on your FB page and do a search for "how to share" or something similar you might find something helpful!

    Ok, did a bit of poking around ;) When you are on your FB blog page there is a HELP button at the top right. That should lead you in the right direction.

  2. I've already been following on Twitter but just 'Liked' on Facebook!

    1. Cool! I just joined your group on Goodreads today! Lol

  3. Here is a great link for adding social media buttons. She has some great tutorials. Hope it helps. They've helped me a lot! :)

    1. is a link to her new site with updated post on the social media buttons...

    2. Your welcome!:) Let me know if I can help with anything. I have a whole notebook full of links that I found helpful while trying to learn all this stuff. My blog is would love for you to stop by.