Thursday, July 4, 2013

Let's Talk Money

I received a free e-copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. (And they also entered me for a free Kindle drawing! Yay! Interested in this kind of stuff? See Story Cartel. Image source

"Money: God or Gift" is best applicable as an introduction or refresher of money matters. Munson really does cover all the bases, even the questions every Christian struggles with when it comes to money. He talks about use of monetary resources as a matter of the heart. You "have" or "have-not" based on your motives. This means that giving, spending, and saving can be done for the wrong reasons. Giving, spending, and saving are each discussed in accordance with Biblical values, citing many verses and ways in which they are done correctly or not (motivations of your heart).

Munson also discusses guilt many of us may feel when it comes to having fun or buying things. He speaks to Needs vs Wants and how to figure when each is appropriate. Generosity is covered in a later chapter because the giving is an important part of a Christian's budget. And there is also talk on budgeting and an appendix that provides a sample budget to use. Last, but not least, Munson talks about where our giving (if rightly motivated) takes us - treasure in Heaven.

So while there are many topics covered, they are relatively short and to the point. This book would be a great way to help you (or someone else) realize the Biblical ways behind money management before going into an in depth study. Or maybe you aren't sure where your problem lies, this book would help pinpoint your problem in order to find other studies that delve deeper into that specific topic. For people who have heard it all before on the topic of money and the Bible, it is a great reminder of our true goals for our money and why.

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