Sunday, November 17, 2013

Begin the Week with Words

"Sometimes we want something to be true so badly that we convince ourselves that it is true."

We Are Water, by Wally Lamb


  1. Wally is a personal friend of terrific writer, Lary Bloom, who taught a memoir class I attended a couple of years ago. I was invited to join them, and others, next spring for a writers conference in Italy.
    Like I have money for that... but oh my, what an experience that would be. Wally Lamb is legend around here as a local who made it big, really big, thank you Oprah, and as a great writer and advocate for just about anyone with a pencil and a thought.
    Good choice.

    1. That's awesome! Wally Lamb is an author I discovered all on my own in college. He is the one author (besides Jodi Picoult) I can say I picked up years ago and started reading without having ever heard about him from anyone. That trip would be amazing!