Monday, March 17, 2014

There's a Madness to March

Well, I'm at least a good week away from a decent post here on My Life in Books. It seems every March my life goes to madness, which of course means my reading has to be put on hold. This year I've decided to break my work up and use reading as my reward for getting stuff done. Lol, yea it's all in my head, but it works.

At work it is the month that the Senior Class finishes their graduation projects, of which I am in charge. They all seem to rush around with many last minute needs and finish in the same week. Luckily, I have a fellow teacher who helps me check them off and between the two of us we have a system down. It just takes some time.

It's also the end of the third grading period, so I'm finishing up some big lessons, which happen to be writing lessons. I'm proud of my students' work recently, but last weekend I had 80 essays. I graded 40 over last weekend, 20 during this past week, and still have 20 - my plan for tonight actually. If I can get these 20 done, I get to spend my free time tomorrow reading :)

Also, end of this nine weeks is when I do an independent novel project with my older students. They had eight weeks to read any book they wanted and pick one of six projects from which to tell/show me about their book. I have about 40 of those to grade by the end of March. These are cool though because it's fun to see how creative the students can be or what they thought of the books they read on their own.

Other than work, life is quiet, which I'm going to take advantage of and get this grading done! In the midst of this, I am reading The House Girl, by Tara Conklin. It is just getting good and I can't wait to finish it up and share my thoughts. I've also gone a little crazy requesting some ARCs, but I've been trying to space them out over the upcoming months.

So far I have:
The First Fifteen lives of Harry August - April 8th
The Here and Now - April 8th
All the Light We Cannot See - May 6th
I Kill the Mockingbird - May 20th
Closed Doors - May 20th

Two I have requested but haven't yet received approval for are:
The Word Exchange - April 8th
North of Normal - June 24th

So, know I am around and still reading when I can and I'll be back to the blog ASAP! Any books you have out for review in the upcoming months?


  1. Wow! I wouldn't blog if I had 80 papers to grade. I'd feel snowed under! You have a lot on your plate.

    1. Yea, the grading comes and goes. I haven't posted a review since last Wednesday and don't think I'll have one until end of this week, so that's how you can tell blogging is put on hold! Lol. But I've found it's good to take a break and read email and some other people's posts in between chunks of grading.