Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Wednesday Bout of Books

Some unexpected reading happened today. First, I proctored the first half of our state tests. The tests are taken online, but cameras, phones, tablets, etc., are not allowed in the testing room, including teachers' devices, so I had no choice but to read. The only thing I have to do is grade research papers and that requires Google to check for plagiarism as needed.

Then the second half of the morning, the system was bogging down with too many people in the district online, so they restricted all Internet use to testing rooms only. I had students testing during this time, so although I had open time to grade, I couldn't because of lack of Internet. So, more reading!

Sooo, all that to say, I finished my first Bout of Books book! Total read in The Death of Bees today = 134 pages. Moving on to O'Donnell's Closed Doors tomorrow!