Thursday, November 6, 2014

Postertext - Books for Your Wall

How do you display something you love? Clothing, accessories, posters. Ah, posters. Pictures you can hang on your wall for all to see, declaring your love of your favorite movie stars, bands, and books. Wait, books? Yup! Thanks to Postertext, your favorite book can now become a work of art to hang on your wall.

Postertext is a group of dedicated book and art lovers who want to combine the closely related mediums they love. How does this work? Say you like Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and want a creative hanging to display. The people at Postertext will create a poster sized image, related to the book, but completely comprised of words. Not just any words, but the actual text of the book the picture represents. What better idea than this to combine two things you love?!

It gets better. In order to find an accurate image to depict your story and the best pieces of the text to use, they first completely read every book whose poster they intend to create. That's commitment and that's just what a book lover wants to hear! They have an index of their current authors and books whose posters you can purchase. There is also the option to request a book poster and for custom designs and commissions. 

And bloggers, there's an extra tidbit for you! You can become an affiliate of Postertext and receive a commission on sales made through the link on your site. Click here for details! Anyone have any questions? Well, I've told you all I know, so send any further inquiries through their Contact form. You never know unless you ask!

I'm making a list of must haves myself. These would be wonderful in my classroom. And Christmas is just around the corner...perfect gift for the bibliophiles in your life! Or to put on your list bibliophiles!


  1. I've seen a few of these posters about lately and just love the concept - perfect gift for a book lover, as you say.

    I have dreams of my favourite books adorning a future book nook area.
    Bits & Bobs

    1. That would be a dream! Funny side note here...when I went to share this on Google plus, the link kept popping up with your picture connected to it! Lol, but I don't think your comment was here yet...or maybe I hadn't refreshed the page and just didn't see it. It was funny though!

  2. Oh I love these! I need one! There are too many options!

    1. I know! I could wallpaper my classroom with them!