Sunday, February 15, 2015

Begin the Week with Words

Carrie Snyder putting it out there again this week, from Girl Runner:

"You give what you have in you to give. You may have more in you than you know, and you can only know how much, exactly, by slamming head-on against the limits of toleration. This is easier done once you've accepted what needs to happen. Once you cease worrying about how you look, or who you might be, and you simply are." Girl Runner, Carrie Snyder


  1. Oh, that is NICE. I've only heard great things about this book, by the way :D

    1. Good! I think I would like to read it again and see if there's anything I missed the first time around.

  2. Good way to start my work week! Thanks!

  3. Lovely. Thanks for sharing. Very motivating, even going through a simple work day.