Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Enjoying My TBR Challenge

It has been almost three whole months since I started my one reading challenge for the year, and I'm still going strong. I set my personal TBRs I Own Challenge for two reasons: to save money and to read through the never-ending stack of TBRs I own. I have not bought a single book this year. (Yea, read it again, you read it right.) The one allowance I made was that I can request ARCs because they are free and it would be stupid to deny myself free books!

January started off as an instant success with Orphan Train and Ransom Riggs's Miss Peregrine books. February was even better! Look at these titles: Where'd You Go, Bernadette; Gulp and My Planet (both Mary Roach); and Landline. All big titles and authors I've been wanting to read for so long.

ARCs have been moving along as well. I've been able to read every single one on time - until March anyway. March is crazy month at work because it's the wrap up of the graduation project I'm in charge of for seniors and my classes are usually in the process of research paper writing. My brain is fried by the time I get home...I nap, sit like a zombie in front of the TV, or surf the Internet. It's sad. Books I've started and like just aren't getting the time needed to form valid opinions.

But once March passes, the projects are finished and the papers are graded, it's back to more solid TBR and ARC reading. So hang in there on these one post a week weeks! Can't wait to see where this challenge takes me next.


  1. Hang in there, April is just around the corner!! ;)

    1. I can't believe it! March feels like it just began in some ways. But I'm not complaining!