Monday, May 18, 2015

Bout of Books 13 Update

For a number of reasons, mostly to do with time, I decided to write an overall update post instead of numerous posts throughout the week. So here was my week of Bout of Books 13.

Monday 5/11: Participated in the Twitter chat, which is always a good time. It helped that my iPad kept up with the madness! The questions were really good and I met new book people. I began reading Man, the Dwelling Place of God by A.W Tozer. I'm reading this with a friend though, so only two chapters for this week.

Tuesday 5/12: Finished Travelogue of the Interior by Karen Dabaghian, wrote and posted my review of it. Received later in the day a wonderful email from both the author and the publisher. My review was used on the NetGalley title page of the book and David C. Cook Publisher gave me instant access to any future galleys. Spent the evening our for coffee with a friend.

Wednesday 5/13: Reading this evening was somewhat hampered because I watched Survivor - twice. Yay DVR. But earlier in the day I started reading Repeat by Neal Pollack. I also read a little more in Born Survivors by Wendy Holden.

Thursday 5/14: Ummm, yea, not much reading. Spent the morning at my daughter's academic honors breakfast and then five hours shopping for the best deal on a lease, to replace my husband's dead car. He ended up with a beautiful royal blue 2015 Chevy Cruze and a payment for under $200, with no money down...I was pretty excited. Spent the evening watching Season 2 of Survivor with a fellow Survivor fanatic friend...yes becoming slightly more obsessed. All are happy...except for no reading. 

Friday 5/15: Made progress on Repeat. It's getting interesting and I read almost 20% of the book today. Spent another evening with another friend, talking books and life. 

Saturday 5/16: Made a little more progress on both Repeat and Born Survivors. Spent the evening out with friends at a new Casino that opened locally. No, I don't have a gambling problem, I promise, first time ever at a casino. As soon as we recovered our $20 spending money (plus $8.50), we quit. We had a really nice dinner too.

Sunday 5/17: Church, lunch with my family, and took kids to Nitro Circus Live in Pittsburgh, which is a stunt bike show. Tickets were free from my brother, couldn't turn it down. So again, no reading.

Oh yea, and my pool is open...if only the weather would cooperate so we could swim. Overall, I finished one book, got halfway through a second, and a little further in a third. Not too bad considering I did a lot with individual friends and my family this week. Come on summer! Not counting today, we have 12 days left...and then let the serious reading commence.

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