Sunday, September 20, 2015

Begin the Week with Words

Randomly thought of a topic I haven't googled quotes on recently - hope. Something we all need and can't afford to forget. Emily Dickinson put it quite elegantly saying, "'Hope' is the thing with feathers - / That perches in the soul - / And sings the tune without the words - / And never stops - at all - ." It is probably my favorite quote on hope, but looking through a few others, I found some I'd like to share.

I think life would be easier for people
if they realized this.

Regret has a way of sneaking up on you even
when you think something is too far past
for it to be a memory, let alone a problem.

I like this one a lot. Words that stand
for their meaning in some way are the best!

Last, but not least, my phone's 
ringtone has been the song "Hope Now," 
by Addison Road, for quite awhile. Enjoy.

Well, hope you have a hopeful week readers! 


  1. Love these thoughts to start off the week positively. It's always nice to be reminded that all those tough times will end eventually and there is something waiting at the end of it. :)

    1. Yes! And it's hard to always be the positive one, so it's good to have other positive people and things around you for those moments you're down.

  2. Like these thoughts and I like that you have this "being the week with words" series.
    I've been slowly getting back into blogging and blog reading, sorry I've been a bit quiet :)

    1. I'm glad you enjoy them! I've not been terribly active around the blogs myself. It feels like hit and miss, but hey, life ebbs and flows and all we can do is go along with it.