Sunday, October 11, 2015

Begin the Week with Words

October is proving a busy month if this past week is any indication. Every day I was leaving my house at 7am, coming home to stay around 9-10pm, and going to bed around 1am. The days were packed with activity and in between I was devouring a study book for a four hour test I took Saturday. The cool thing is that it was all good stuff. Time with my daughters at a college piano recital and doing homecoming stuff and then the dance itself, visiting with friends for their sweet four-year-old's birthday, an amazing concert of Casting Crowns, and ending with a great movie with friends (The Martian). Work this week was pretty productive too, although my evening activities and constant studying have put me very behind on grading, so I imagine that's what this week will consist of. The schedule looks like it's slowing down after tomorrow.

Weird thing is, I have quite a few friends for whom this week was trying too. A family with the death of a loved one, two friends each with a child so sick it turned their entire week upside down, a friend who had a surgery and may already be facing another, my pastor who had umpteen evening meetings and hospital visitations, and more. It was a rough week for my little corner of the world and I'm praying this next week brings them all hope, peace, and realization that the journey is building them into the people they are meant to be.

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