Thursday, November 26, 2015

Dragonfly in Amber: Outlander 2

I like big books...actually the bigger the book the more appealing it is to me. Unfortunately, big books have a distinct disadvantage for me as well...they're big. In the crazy of a school year, a big book can potentially drag out indefinitely. I read Les Mis - unabridged - in late November/early December of 2012, about a month altogether. That's 1,400 pages while planning, teaching, and grading. I was really proud of myself. It doesn't always turn out so well though, as I found out this school year. I read Outlander at the end of the summer and really wanted to keep going, so I began Dragonfly in Amber in September. I just's the end of November. Three months for a book half the size of Les Mis. Sheesh. I'm ashamed, excuses of new AP Lit classes I'm teaching aside.

That's not to say I haven't read other books between...there were a couple that I read for other purposes, so I guess it's not a total bummer. Regardless, I loved Dragonfly in Amber and cannot wait to move to the next book in the series!

At the start I was really mad though. The story begins with Claire, her practically grown daughter Brianna, and Roger, a young man of interest to said daughter. In their present day. "HOW DARE YOU DIANA GABALDON? WHERE IS JAMIE FRASER?" kept running through my head. Completely incensed, I kept reading because I figured there had to be something about how this daughter came to be.

Sure enough, the story goes back to 1700s Scotland and Jamie Fraser once again. (I was NOT happy about the "why" of the story heading back there again, but I'm not a story spoiler, so you'll have to find out for yourself.) Claire's story picks up again with her new, adventurous life with Jamie Fraser and it's as exciting and action packed as Outlander was. Being a big book with so much happening, I feel more of a need to describe my feelings and general set up than any details of events. Suffice it to say, the story obviously ends up telling how and why the story began in Claire's present day with a grown daughter. But there's quite a bit that works up to the events that bring Claire to this point.

And the ending, well, it made me most happy of all and ready to read the third book of the Outlander series, Voyager. But that may have to wait until Christmas break. Until then, I love you Jamie Fraser!

Anyone have any series they are seriously obsessed with currently - or recently?


  1. SPOILER ALERT (just in case)

    Hi Jennine! I suppose you were utterly shocked at the beginning of the book, thinking you got the wrong book in the series; that this was the third instead of the second! All of us have had that experience hahaha.

    Anyway, I loved how it started because it's a good way for the author to let us know what's going on now in France. I really thought they could change the past, the History, with capital letters, but then... ohh, what a shame! :(
    Finally the battle of Culloden happened, but our Jamie took care of Claire and sent her back... to Frank!

    Hey, did you like the explanation about Nessie? (I think it was in this book).

    Now you have the highlight of the series left: Voyager. Enjoy it to the top, Jennine, because the rest are not that good ;)

    Lots of kisses!

    1. Yes, the beginning was shocking! And made me mad! I will make sure I really enjoy the next one - thanks for the heads up.

  2. I've read the first four books and I read each one faster than the previous. By the time I got to the fourth and largest, I read about 1,000 pages in 5 day. lol

    1. Wow! I'm debating saving the next one for summer when I'll be able to read as quickly as I want. Or Christmas break even!