Sunday, March 13, 2016

Begin the Week with Words

Life is tough - that's not news to anyone. What was news to me at one point is how hard it is to find people to depend upon for the ins and outs of life. A friend sent this excerpt yesterday, thinking of me, and it warmed my heart. I hope everyone has such a friend thinking of them!

"An amazing few friends dive into our mess with us, help us sort it out, and make us feel safe in the process. It’s why God meant for us to have people to travel with in life—to be His hands and feet on earth and help each other both thrive and endure." I Want God, by Lisa Whittle


  1. Well, I understand the quote, but being a non-religious person, I tend to think that friendship is not a thing sent by God, but thanks to our own behaviour and love towards others, our sympathy for them and their problems, and our willing to help, etc., and that's what comes back to us in time when we need it.
    But I understand that, from a religious perspective, this is considered a blessing and, for being that, is sent by God, which is also a nice way to say it.
    Anyway, what I wanted to say is that I also think you are lucky to know you have friends to rely on forsupport :))

    1. I definitely think it's both. Believing in a Creator, I think we were made to be social and help each other. And, like you said, we definitely have to be willing to be friends/friendly! Lol. I definitely have great friends...including my wonderful blogger friends like you :)