Sunday, April 24, 2016

Begin the Week with Words

I've said numerous times in reviewing her books, her blog posts, and her quotes, that I love Ann Voskamp. So it shouldn't be surprising that I'm bringing her around again for Sunday Sentence. Some quotes here from her blog post on friendship.

"What can ever be more of a priority than a person?"

"Friendships never just happen — they are forged."

"To be a friend that curves her heart into this safe cup for all words and feelings to spill,  the good and the grit, the grain and the chaff all mixed. Then in faithful silence to always sift for the good — and with a whispering prayer — blow all the grit that chafes away with a breath of grace."


  1. I love her work as well. I am currently on 106 things on my gratitude list.

    1. Oh nice! I've started a list every year. I never reach 1,000 simply because I forget to catalogue, but it cool to look back on later.