Sunday, August 7, 2016

Begin the Week with Words: Thanks Mom and Dad!

Verse my mom gave us as we went into the final
week of last minute fixes and moving in.
This weekend we moved into the house we started to buy in January. I have to thank my parents - give credit where credit is due. I will admit the complete renovation of our new house was more crazy than fun. The end results were well worth it, but still tons of stress for such a good thing. With our type of loan there was a lot of potential for setbacks time wise, and being out of our realm of experience and comfort there was a lot of potential for breakdowns. It took tons of robbing Peter to pay Paul while waiting for funds, putting our hands to the work at hand for hours on end physically, and remedying and preventing meltdowns. Two people who never let us down through the whole thing were my parents, Ray and Georgia.

They deserve every ounce of credit any of us can give them. Our specific loan works through pay out of pocket and be reimbursed when the work is satisfactory, which is difficult for a smaller construction outfit, not to mention us. My parents lent us funds after ours were depleted and waited for the bank (and sale of our house) on all counts as we did to be paid back. Without that help, we would still be waiting on the bank to order and complete pieces of the house and weeks away from moving in.

Mentally, emotionally, spiritually, they kept me anchored. For Brandon too, but I personally fell into upsets and rants more than I'd like to admit throughout the process. At first my mom would help remedy an upset, but soon able to see where the main potential for stress in the process was, she would come to me with prayer or a scripture verse to prevent upset. My dad would come immediately to remedy things within the house that gave us trouble or we couldn't do - hanging chandeliers, building closet shelves, mudding holes in walls, painting, fixing issues the crew didn't quite get right. My dad (and Brandon) dedicated almost two weeks to laying tile and hardwood floors throughout the entire first floor and upstairs bathroom. He and my mom helped us paint the entire 2300 sq ft from start to finish.

They've simply been amazing. They put in so many hours of work at and for the house. For us. God truly used them to make our dream come true and we couldn't be more thankful. We celebrated our first night in the house with hibachi, which they'd never done before! A great end before our new beginning.


  1. The renovation process is equal parts nightmare and excitement. I'm glad yours is coming to a close (and I hope to see some before and afters!).

    1. Yes, thank you! We are still waiting on countertops, which means kitchen and bathroom are in disarray, without sinks and stuff. Only the half bath sink and lots of paper products! Will be pictures once it's all in.