Monday, October 3, 2016

New Levels of Excitement

New things bring new and different excitement...marriage, babies, cars, jobs, houses. Up til now my new excitements were identifiable by most people because most people have shared similar experiences in their lives. And if they haven't, the experiences are understood by people in general. My PhD adventure has turned that on its head. The things I get excited about now, well, I'm not sure what to say about it. Imagining the conversations makes me want to laugh.

Friend 1: My daughter lost her first tooth and my son made the travel soccer team!

Me: Oh wow, that's awesome!

Friend 2: Nice. Hey, that new restaurant opened, we should try it out.

Me: Good idea. Oh, guess what?!

Friends: What?!

Me: I found a copy of the Cambridge edition of The Great Gatsby online for $11!


Hyperbole, yes. My friends would likely smile and nod at least. Haha, but that's my life right now, full of weirdly exciting moments here and there, but with whom to share them? You think I'm kidding? Here is my list of personal excitement for the past week or so:

*One professor told me I read very well (it was poetry, Wordsworth, and chock full of crazy punctuation...I impressed myself)!

*I had a less than ten minute conversation with a professor whose focus is in the same time period as my studies, discussing American canon and F. Scott Fitzgerald, and it was among the best minutes of my week.

*I didn't cry once on the way home from my Thursday class last week (this could change; I have nine weeks to go).

*I found and bought the Cambridge edition of The Great Gatsby online for $11 (yes, that was true. Yes, it's a very good thing. No, I didn't try to put it into conversation with my friends).

*Purdue Owl's site has literary theory definitions AND help to form your thesis!

My husband is crazy supportive with all of this. I've told him all of these excitements and more and he is excited with me. He sees behind the scenes and understands a little better how these things could be exciting. I have a couple of extra supportive friends I tell some things to, but these kinds of things don't always communicate well via text message. And I do have the blog. So, here they are, my new excitements for the week! You have been great cheerleaders from the time I thought about doing this til now. Thank you for your nerdy willingness to read and comment and cheer me on! Maybe we'll make a meme of it:

"New Levels of Excitement - Things Only a Nerd Could Love"


  1. My student called me a nerd last week (as a joke, of course :) to which I replied "I'm a proud nerd!"

    Yeah, I know the feeling. Most friends and co-workers don't get why finding a great book is such a fantastic event in your life, but it totally is. Or going to the sci fi con. A blog is great outlet for all the nerdy energy, and having a family that totally gets you helps a lot. #proudnerd #lifegoals

  2. Perhaps we don't share the excitement for that particular edition of that book, but we truly understand the excitement for finding a book you wanted so badly at a good price, so YAYYYYY
    I'm glad you have support among your friends and family. It's true - every part of your life has particular effects on oneself, so well, be nerd because it's your time to be so!
    Have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks Isi! Yes, we all know the excitement of finding a good book on a good deal! Haha - I'm nerding it out, I promise!

  3. I'm excited for you! And I think being excited about niche things probably always comes with doing a PhD :)

    1. So I better just get used to it huh? So glad I have this blog - I know there's people (like you) out there who totally get it, beyond the support aspect!

  4. My excitement is that at my age I have started 2 yes 2 blogs.... one called Ode to Life on blogspot and then the other one is on WordPress and it is kinda of a travel blog with a difference... Grannyonthemove..because I have also just become a granny... I have never ever even ventured into the realm of blogging so this is all new and exciting for me.

    1. That's awesome! I hope you have so much fun with the grandchild, travel, and blogs! It's very cool to share and find others with the same interests that you wouldn't find otherwise.