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If you are a publisher, publicist, or author interested in having me review your book, please read these guidelines before contacting me. Thank you for your interest in having your book reviewed on My Life in Books. I ask that you check out my site to see if the book in question is a good match with what I usually review.

Genres I WILL NOT consider for review (everything else is fair game):
Science Fiction/Horror
Heavy Romance/Erotica
Religious Fiction/Nonfiction (You will find religion on my blog, but I only review well known authors whose theology is widely and publicly known, so I can check deeply into what I am reading and recommending.)

Besides the genre, I request a summary or blurb to see if the topic is of interest to my readers/me. I accept both ereader (has to be a Kindle friendly format) and physical books. I prefer to have a month notice to review a book. Also, I do not review self published books, but will consider books from small or independent publishers.

I do not accept very many because I am a teacher with three kids and a pile of to-reads, so time is limited; therefore, sending me a book does not guarantee that I will review it on this blog. On that note, I only say yes to books that hold high interest to me. I do my best to review each book I receive, but on the rare occasion that I do not finish a book due to timing or lack of interest, I do not write a review. The reviews I do write are always honest, which means both positives and negatives are discussed. A disclosure about the book's origin will be included in the review and I do not profit from any ARCs or physical books I receive. Reviews are also posted to Goodreads and Amazon, my blog's FB page and Twitter.

If you believe you have a book that may interest me, please send me a message via email:  Due to the volume of pitches I receive, I will only respond if I am interested in reading the book. Thank you for your interest!

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